Since our inception, we have been committed to enabling children to develop and grow in the best possible conditions. Beyond being a simple sponsor, we wanted to go even further by giving strength and meaning to our actions. This is how our Wesco corporate foundation was created in 2012.

those who need it most

Childhood is a key period for the construction of the adult in the making. We are aware that not all children have the same resources and do not all evolve in environments conducive to their proper development. It is with this in mind that our Corporate Foundation has taken on its full meaning!

The first three years of a child's life are crucial to his or her development. The Wesco Corporate Foundation supports actions that promote the awakening, well-being and development of babies.


The Nurturing of Early Childhood and Parenthood

We support innovative projects that help reduce social inequalities and give the most vulnerable children back their confidence and hope.



Building tomorrow's world means giving children access to education, culture and sport. By supporting local, regional and national actions, we are acting to promote equal opportunities for all children.


INSERTION through education, sport & culture

For more than 15 years, Wesco has taken into account the impact of its activity on the environment. The company continues this commitment through the Foundation by supporting actions that promote education in contact with nature.


raising children's awareness of sustainable development

And concretely,
What does it look like?

The Wesco Foundation is a dedicated team that meets several times a year, a budget voted unanimously and several projects supported. In all transparency, here is our balance sheet!

children who have benefited since the beginning

projects supported in 2023

projects supported by the Foundation since its creation


Our customers are also committed to us!

By subscribing to one of our Advantage Clubs, 1€ is automatically donated to the Foundation.

Our actions in progress

Committed locally or on a larger scale, here are the associations we currently support. Although their scope is different, all these associations have one thing in common: they work for children!

Solidarity donations

Created in 2004 and recognised as a public utility, the mission of the association Dons Solidaires is to fight against waste and poverty. It collects unsold new non-food items from companies and redistributes them to charities that give them to people in great difficulty. From companies to associations, Dons Solidaires mobilises the whole chain of solidarity to fight against exclusion.

Since 2015, the Wesco Corporate Foundation has been supporting the association's youth section, in particular through the "Kit Scolaire" operation: a solidarity operation to provide families in difficulty with what they need for the start of the new school year, new quality supplies distributed via partner associations throughout France.

the Bocage Sports Discovery School

The mission of the Ecole de Découverte des Sports du Bocage, located in Cerizay, is to introduce all children to sport, help them discover different activities and promote sporting values such as team spirit.

Since 2016, we have been supporting the projects developed by EDS around the inclusion of children with disabilities through sport, through the "Ex Aequo" programme. Adapted, non-competitive sporting activities enable everyone to significantly increase their self-confidence and change the way they look at disability. We're all equal at the starting line!

Ornithological Group of Deux-Sèvres

The aim of this association, based in Niort, is to study and protect wild birds in the Deux-Sèvres département. At the same time, it provides information and raises awareness among children (in schools, community centres, etc.).

For the second year running, we are supporting this project, which enables 225 children in the département to study birds close to their environment - lowland birds. By introducing them to the process of scientific investigation, the children are involved in their discoveries and can gain a better understanding of the environment around them.


Môm'Artre is more than just a childcare facility, it's a way of providing childcare, artistic and cultural workshops for young children and schools, support for parenthood, training in childcare professions, and neighbourhood facilities to encourage people to live together.

It is estimated that there are over 50,000 "forgotten" children in after-school care, almost invisible because of their families' extremely precarious situation. To help these children, who are very difficult to track because of their unstable situation, Mom'Artre has set up the "Children of Extreme Exclusion" project, through which the Wesco corporate foundation is taking action by making it possible to take in children in social emergency situations in Nantes for 7 weeks during the school holidays, completely free of charge.


Established in 1995, C.I.E.LO improves the living conditions of disadvantaged people in developing countries, by developing projects in collaboration with local stakeholders to ensure their sustainability.

In the Sodikombo district of Douala, Cameroon, where 55% of the population lives in extreme poverty and the average length of schooling is 6 years, the association will build and equip a nursery for 30 young children. As well as encouraging the local economy through the construction of the building, this project will make it easier for mothers to find work and provide their children with stimulating and safe conditions.

CLÉ Association

For 37 years, this association, based in Parthenay and covering the whole of the Gâtine region, has been fighting illiteracy and all the problems associated with basic skills, because to know is to be free!

Under the watchful eyes of local residents, week after week, the tent is set up at the same time, in the same place. It's an open space, with no doors to get through, and books, games, felt-tip pens... Every week, new activities are proposed, linked to reading and creative leisure activities. This is the concept behind the Passerelle de Rue, which aims to foster the desire and pleasure of reading in children who are often far removed from cultural activities. The Foundation's support will enable the CLÉ association to repeat the project in a new part of the city.

Polar Witnesses - Polar School

The Polar Witnesses endowment fund supports projects linked to the poles to understand and measure climate change, but also to raise awareness among future generations through a sense of wonder. 

Immerse yourself in the polar world at the Polar School, housed in a traditional three-masted ship! It welcomes around 7,000 young people a year (aged 8 to 18). As well as learning about the challenges of protecting the planet, they discover the beauty and fragility of the poles, as well as their importance in regulating the climate, and are encouraged to become agents of change themselves.

Association Neurofibromatoses et Recklinghausen - Séjour la Ribambelle

The main aims of this national association are to fund medical research, disseminate information about neurofibromatoses and support sufferers. 

When a child is affected by neurofibromatosis, the whole family's day-to-day life is turned upside down: housing, travel, activities, and so on. As there are very few offers adapted to the disability, these families hardly ever go on holiday. So La Ribambelle is organising a weekend of relaxation, a 100% holiday tailored to families, whatever their disability. For families, the weekend is a time of pleasure and exchange, giving them a different view of normality and reducing the feeling of exclusion.

Family Association for Educational Leisure and Training (ALEF)

This association is a departmental body operating in Bas-Rhin, Alsace. It specialises in the organisation of childcare facilities for young children (crèches, after-school care, holiday camps, etc.) and supports local authorities in their implementation. It currently provides day-to-day management and educational support for more than a hundred facilities.

The aim of the project set up by ALEF is to make outdoor activities an essential part of a child's typical day, focusing on three key areas: staying away from screens, a balanced diet and physical activity. To achieve this objective, 105 facility managers will benefit from training and as many facilities will be equipped with teaching kits to make it easier to set up activities.

The Karamuzes

A local association based in Mauléon, the Karamuzes bring culture closer to children in rural areas, by writing stories and staging shows.

After tackling the subject of inclusion and difference, the Karamuzes are setting off on a new adventure, with the aim of raising awareness of global warming among the youngest members of society. 250 children aged between 3 and 12 from the Mauléonnais area will be able to take part in the creation of the new Karabis-Trouille adventure, as well as in the staging of the show scheduled for October 2024.

APF France Handicap - SESSAD Caen Lisieux

The SESSAD of Caen – Lisieux offers support for children and adults with motor disabilities, with the implementation of adapted rehabilitation. 
The association offers, in accordance with the latest recommendations from the HAS, intensive and fun rehabilitation courses, within the framework of the ordinary environment. The therapeutic objectives of the courses are part of the child's daily life. Very precise and easily accessible, cutting their own meat for example, they allow children to consolidate their progress, make it last and feel more valued. The relevance of this project allowed it to win the call for projects from the Society for Studies and Care for Paralyzed Children.

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