Since our inception, we have been committed to enabling children to develop and grow in the best possible conditions. Beyond being a simple sponsor, we wanted to go even further by giving strength and meaning to our actions. This is how our Wesco Corporate Foundation was created in 2012.

those who need it most

Childhood is a key period for the construction of the adult in the making. We are aware that not all children have the same resources and do not all evolve in environments conducive to their proper development. It is with this in mind that our Corporate Foundation has taken on its full meaning!

The first three years of a child's life are crucial to his or her development. The Wesco Corporate Foundation supports actions that promote the awakening, well-being and development of babies.


The Nurturing of Early Childhood and Parenthood

We support innovative projects that help reduce social inequalities and give the most vulnerable children back their confidence and hope.



Building tomorrow's world means giving children access to education, culture and sport. By supporting local, regional and national actions, we are acting to promote equal opportunities for all children.


INSERTION through education, sport & culture

For more than 15 years, Wesco has taken into account the impact of its activity on the environment. The company continues this commitment through the Foundation by supporting actions that promote education in contact with nature.


raising children's awareness of sustainable development

And concretely,
What does it look like?

The Wesco Foundation is a dedicated team that meets several times a year, a budget voted unanimously and several projects supported. In all transparency, here is our balance sheet!

children who have benefited since the beginning

projects supported in 2022

projects supported by the Foundation since its creation


Our customers are also committed to us!

By subscribing to one of our Advantage Clubs, 1€ is automatically donated to the Foundation.

Our actions in progress

Committed locally or on a larger scale, here are the associations we currently support. Although their scope is different, all these associations have one thing in common: they work for children!

Solidarity donations

Created in 2004 and recognised as a public utility, the mission of the association Dons Solidaires is to fight against waste and poverty. It collects unsold new non-food items from companies and redistributes them to charities that give them to people in great difficulty. From companies to associations, Dons Solidaires mobilises the whole chain of solidarity to fight against exclusion.

Since 2015, the Wesco Corporate Foundation has been supporting the association's youth section, particularly through the "School Kit" operation: a solidarity operation to provide families in difficulty with the necessary supplies for the start of the school year.

Apprentices of Auteuil

Apprentis d'Auteuil is a committed player in the field of child prevention and protection. It is developing programmes in France and abroad for the reception, education, training and integration of vulnerable young people and families in order to give them back what they lack most: confidence.

We have chosen to support the parenting support project set up at the Saint Martin school in Le Mans, which offers enhanced educational support, psychological support and help with social integration, with a view to guaranteeing the overall development of the child.

the Bocage Sports Discovery School

Supported since its creation by the company, the Ecole de Découverte des Sports du Bocage puts the child at the heart of its project. Its mission is to awaken and introduce all children to sport.

Since 2016, we have been actively supporting projects developed around the social inclusion of children with disabilities through sport such as "Cap vers l'Handi" or "Ex Aequo". Adapted and non-competitive sports activities allow everyone to decentralise themselves from others and considerably increase their self-confidence.

Association Coup de Pouce

Present in more than 240 French cities, the Coup de pouce association develops extracurricular clubs for children who have been identified as being weak in learning the basics (reading, writing, counting) in order to improve their future schooling. In this scheme, parents are also included and guided in their role as school companions.

In the 2022-2023 school year, 35 children from the Coup de Pouce clubs in the towns of Cholet and Niort will benefit from the support of the Wesco Foundation.

Ornithological Group of the Deux-Sèvres

The aim of this association is to study and protect wild birds in the Deux-Sèvres department. At the same time, the association carries out information and awareness-raising activities for children (schoolchildren, socio-cultural centres, etc.).

The association will enable 225 children from the Niort area to study the birds of the plain. By introducing them to the scientific investigation process, the children are involved in their discoveries and can better understand the environment around them.

Kids' Wish - Rotary

The Rêves de gosse association brings together so-called "ordinary" and "extraordinary" children around a year-long educational project to promote social and educational inclusion. The reward for a year's work: the children benefit from a dream day during which they fly. 

This is how 133 children aged between 6 and 14 years old, disabled, weakened by life or illness, were able to fly alongside the Knights of the Sky on 29 May 2022 in Mauléon (79).

Linec Tacoche - Ti Clown

The Linec Tacoche company offers shows for young audiences, in order to democratize and promote culture and artistic creation. 

A clown duo brings happiness and laughter to the 2,000 children hospitalised each year at the André Grégoire Hospital in Montreuil (93). These moments of lightness allow them to regain their status as children despite the illness and also bring joy to the parents and carers.


This association works with vulnerable groups, offering support for parenthood, childcare, including artistic and cultural activities, among other things, in order to reduce social inequalities and facilitate access to art and culture. 

It is estimated that there are more than 50,000 children "forgotten" by the after-school system, almost invisible because of their family's extremely precarious situation. In order to help this group of children, who are very difficult to follow because of their unstable situation, Mom'Artre has set up the project "les enfants de la grande exclusion" (children of great exclusion), through which the Wesco Foundation is taking action by allowing 5 children in a social emergency to be taken care of in Nantes (44) for 7 weeks during the school holidays, completely free of charge.

Loden Education Initiative

The Loden Foundation promotes education, social entrepreneurship, culture and traditions of Bhutan.

Through the "Loden Education Initiatives" project, the Loden Foundation, supported by the Wesco Corporate Foundation, is developing early childhood centres to facilitate access to education for Bhutanese children in rural areas.


On the initiative of a group of volunteer parents, the Neurocap association offers intensive rehabilitation courses for children with neurodevelopmental disorders and assists families in the care of their child.

These multidisciplinary courses, which are almost non-existent in France, enable these children to make progress and achieve a certain degree of autonomy in their daily lives. At present, families have to bear the full cost of these courses, which are often geographically distant. The support of the Wesco Foundation will make it easier for the poorest families to access the courses, reduce the overall cost and thus offer the most appropriate care to the children.

Giving Tuesday - Rebounds

For the past 4 years, the Wesco Corporate Foundation has been taking part in the Giving Tuesday operation, which celebrates generosity and solidarity, in contrast to the commercial operations linked to Black Friday.

This year, our employees have chosen to support the Rebonds association. Located less than 1km from Wesco, this association reinforces the actions of child protection. It takes in and houses children placed in the northern Deux-Sèvres (79). The Maison de l'Enfance du Puy Genest is specialised in the reception of siblings, so that they grow up together and not separated in distant living areas.

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