For us, nothing is more important than a child who is happy! Our daily work is to awaken children, develop their senses, encourage discovery and multiple learning.

And because we work hand in hand with early childhood professionals, we strive to offer more and more services by providing educational resources, activity ideas, testimonials, etc.

The opening on the world

Children's spontaneity, their eyes and their different ways of looking at things are a great asset. At Wesco, we encourage them every day to cultivate this open-mindedness!

The children of today will make the world of tomorrow. Listening to others, kindness, respect for the environment are all values that we advocate every day to give each child the value they deserve so that they can grow up serenely and feel good about themselves!


Products for happy children

We are committed to offering products that promote sharing and inclusion. Ergonomic, our products are accessible to all: children with DYS, disabilities or not... At Wesco, we simply strive to accompany each child at his or her own pace.

Discover our inclusive selection


Products for all children

Since our inception, openness to the world has been one of our core values.

At Wesco, we are convinced that a toy is no more reserved for a girl than for a boy and that it can be a formidable vector of tolerance towards others and respect for cultural diversity.

What matters to us? Getting the right material and the right game into the hands of all children.


Non-gendered and multi-ethnic products

Support educational

Children's motor development, learning, emotional management... these are all subjects we are passionate about! So beyond the products, we attach great importance to offering resources and advice for parents as well as for early childhood professionals!

Wesco the blog

a genuine platform dedicated to professionals, parents and children

In addition to the products, we attach great importance to supporting you in your daily life. On our blog, we offer advice, ideas for activities and tips for everyday life. Discover all our articles:

Tell me

a video series dedicated to child development

Supported by the Wesco Foundation, the association Ensemble pour l'Education de la Petite Enfance has created the video series "Dis-moi". Based on the most recent scientific work, this series shares the latest advances in neuroscience. It also highlights the importance of a caring education to support children's progress. Discover some episodes on our YouTube channel.


Sport and nothing but sport
Go go go!!!

In order to offer you even more services and to make it easier for you to set up motor skills and PE sessions, we have joined forces with Actibloom.
Thanks to short videos of 2 to 4 minutes, the Actibloom website offers educational tutorials to organise physical and sports activities in schools and associations for children aged 3 to 12.
Tutorials to discover on our page and on our YouTube channel

Creative ideas

100% made in Wesco to awaken children

Children are curious by nature and very often demand manual activities. Observing, cutting, gluing... all these actions allow them to experiment and develop their fine motor skills. This is why we offer creative and manual activities to be carried out at the nursery, at school or at home. Cooking, carnival, birthdays... each time of the year has its own creative idea! Find all our creative sheets

In 2012, we established our own corporate foundation

Its vocation: to act for the future of all children and the planet